It’s not the first time Ewan McGregor has gone gay (remember when he fucked Batman?) but Jim Carrey breaks new ground in this picture… or at least a couple of seconds after this picture. It’s the first still from I Love You Phillip Morris, and why do I get the feeling that if this were two hot broads we’d be seeing the actual kiss? Oh Hollywood, you play at being liberal.

Phillip Morris is one of those scripts I have sitting around and haven’t gotten around to reading; it’s a true story about ‘Steven Russell (Jim Carrey), a married conman who found himself in a
Texan prison where he fell in love with Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor).
Steven Russell tried to escape from prison four times, coming up with
more and more elaborate plans, including once faking his own death.
Morris was eventually released but Russell landed over a hundred years
behind bars because of his escape attempts.’
That summary is thanks to Jim Carrey Online, which is where the still originated. Go there to see the picture full-sized.

There’s no release date on I Love You Phillip Morris; maybe I’ll finally pick up that script – if it’s good I’ll start yapping about it a lot. It’s from the folks who wrote Bad Santa, so that’s a good sign…