Details are scant right now, but according to, another TRON movie has been greenlit and will commence production in Vancouver this October.

The project has been quiet for some time and I think many of us assumed it wouldn’t happen, but someone at Disney did the math and they think there’s more cash to be milked from this cow.

Our BESTEST BESTEST FRIENDS FOREVER over at Badass Digest say that Joseph Kosinski will return to direct, but Disney hasn’t officially made that known (yet). Screenwriter Jesse Wigutow was the last known screenwriter attached to the film, but that was announced back in December of 2012. God only knows whose hands have been on it since.

If there’s one person I don’t want writing the thing, it’s Kosinski. That’s not to say I dislike Joseph Kosinski; quite the contrary. I really admire the way he constructs images and makes effects films. Oblivion had the structure of a goddamn macaroni necklace but it was among the best looking films of its year, and Cruise and Riseborough gave it all they had. TRON Legacy has similar issues, but there’s something about its chilly soullessness that actually works (when it’s not mishandling the emotional beats).

Many thanks to forum user Joon Kim for bringing this to my attention.