leatherface prequel

The Wrap is reporting that EastEnders (a show I’ve never watched and never will, because America, Fuck Yeah) star Sam Strike (a G.I. Joe name if there ever was one) is in negotiations to play Leatherface in a film called… well, Leatherface. The film will act as a prequel to the original film, telling us how Leatherface became… well, Leatherface.

If there was ever a franchise that didn’t need to be a franchise, it’s this one. The first film is a grungy masterpiece that changed the horror landscape. Ridley Scott often cites it as a big inspiration on Alien. I enjoy the sequel a lot, but it’s also a purposeful parody of itself. The subsequent sequels are better classified as remakes, and then we got an actual remake, a prequel to that remake, and then whatever the hell Texas Chainsaw 3D was attempting to be. It’s fair to say that this brand has been completely drained of all the things that made it exciting or worthwhile.

Who is this movie for? Is there really a big swath of Leatherface fans that want this? Someone enlighten me, because this seems like a film for no one.