This is kind of perfect as far as announcements go. At the Paris Fashion Week, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson made appearances as their Zoolander characters, marking Paramount’s official announcement for Zoolander 2 (It’s gotta be called Zoolander: Twolander, right? I am the sequel naming master!). Check out the photo via Paramount’s official Twitter:

I don’t care what you think of me for saying this, but I love Zoolander. It’s that perfect blend of smartly stupid that is nearly impossible to get right. That’s the only reason I’m hesitant about this sequel. All the big players will be returning (Stiller and Wilson obviously, and it’s pretty much confirmed that Christine Taylor and Will Ferrell will be back as well) and they’ll be joined by newcomer Penelope Cruz. The cast is in place, but can they strike gold twice? We’ll find out in February of next year.