I’m so pissed at Roland Emmerich. His movies have sucked out any joy I once had at seeing a city get naturefucked. Even San Andreas, a movie Emmerich has zilch to do with, leaves me bored and uninterested. It doesn’t help that these movies all look like video game cutscenes, since no one wants to go the extra mile and do good model work. I’ll give Independence Day this: there is some damn excellent model work in that film.

The appeal of San Andreas comes in its cast. Dwayne “I’ll never not call him The Rock” Johnson, Alexandra “The President has seen my boobs” Daddario, Carla “no one takes enough advantage of how awesome she is” Gugino, and Paul “he really wanted to play the Rhino” Giamatti. There are some fun little character bits in this new trailer (The Rock’s “My God,” is pitch perfect), but then it all gets washed away with some horrific greenscreen (that speedboat scene. Yeesh) or the ugly CGI.

Still, this might be worth a drunken night at the movies. San Andreas opens on May 29. Here’s a new poster to go along with the trailer: