“What would a Michael Cera star vehicle look and sound like?” you’ve often wondered to yourself while you pulled your tube socks higher and you adjusted the too-tight 80’s Izod shirt you’re wearing.

Well now you can know, as Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist is hitting theaters. A sweet little comedic drama, it has its crosshairs aimed directly at Cera’s burgeoning audience and anyone between the ages of 15 and 25 with male or female genitalia and the desire to use them. But in a cute and romantic way.

Readers of this site, being so much greater than the readers of everywhere else… well you have a change to see this sucker before the rest of Terra Firma.

You’re welcome.

For the sake of brevity I’m not going to ask you to go hog wild with questions to answer, just ask that you frequent the site for every day for the rest of your natural lives and then to haunt it with your deadflesh when you finally fuck off the world.

Not too much to ask, right?

Now use the appropriate link and include your mailing address, because we’re not psychic. YET.

Most of these screenings will happen on Thursday, September 25: