Before we proceed, let’s pretend The Wicker Man didn’t happen.

Neil LaBute’s too damn great to be forever lumped in with the detritus of that project, though he did write and direct the thing (instead of seeing it, just watch this great comedy trailer for it). Instead enjoy as he does stuff a little more mainstream as to allow him back into his pocket of scathing and oftentimes sublime plays-turned-features.

His latest work as a director (not as a writer) is Lakeview Terrace*, starring Samuel L. Jackson and the soon-to-be-huge Patrick Wilson. It’s the one about the policeman who terrorizes the lives of a mixed race couple (Wilson and Kerry Washington), a sort of Pacific Heights meets Unlawful Entry transposed with Something New by way of Internal Affairs with a dash of every Shield episode tossed in. Mix in some Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD and you might as well dust off the mantle.

And hey, one of the producers is Will Smith!

The trailer paints the film as somewhat familiar but I’m kind of psyched to see how LaBute handles this kind of material. Plus, it looks like Samuel L. Jackson might not be too hammy in this, which is a blast of fresh air. Plus, Patrick Wilson’s great.

Plus it’s free if you live in or around one of the cities below!

All you have to do is use the appropriate link, include your mailing address, and a pass for two might make its way through the postal service to your mailbox between a bill you don’t intend to pay and a flyer for a discount meat warehouse. YOU ARE WELCOME!


* Not to be confused with Lakeside Terence, that creepy guy with the lisp and the lazy eye.