Oh Vin Diesel. There’s something so touching about how much you believe in the possibility of continuing The Chronicles of Riddick. You have so much belief, so much faith. You’re the sci-fi fantasy movie version of all those Fundies just waiting to get Raptured up. They know it’s gonna happen some day! Some day soon!

“David Twowy right now is writing the scripts. The only question is
whether we take a page from the ‘Lord of the Rings’ guys and try to
shoot the two chapters at the same time. There are two more in mind,”
he tells MTV. Maybe they should have taken a page from the Lord of the Rings guys and made the first film profitable, but that’s just nitpicking!

Diesel says it’s been so long since the last film not because nobody wants to make a sequel to a picture that didn’t do that well but because he and Twohy are really ‘precious’ about it. To be fair, I’ve seen weirder things in this business than a sequel to The Chronicles of Riddick, but with Diesel’s career trajectory (read: not positive), I wouldn’t be betting all my Hollywood Stock Exchange money on it.

Diesel once again says that the sequels would go into The Underverse. I really can’t remember what the fuck that means. I seriously didn’t like The Chronicles of Riddick, to the point that I barely remember what happened in it.