Every time I go to the New Beverly I see Clu Gulager sitting up in the first row. Every time. Even the time they showed porn they found in the attic. Clu, a movie icon in his own right, is a real serious movie lover.

Now the spotlight is turning on the guy in the front row as the New Bev is doing some special programming for Clu; four of his most classic films will be screening with plenty of special guests and excitement. You can see Return of the Living Dead, Feast, The Killers and The Last Picture Show on the big screen. The Last Picture Show! Star Timothy Bottoms is showing up for that one (get him to sign your copy of That’s My Bush!), and if there’s a movie in this festival that needs to be seen projected, it’s that movie.

Here’s the flier for the festival with all the pertinent details. See you at the movies.