I guess it was worth it for IESB to go to a press day for Disney’s new Little Mermaid direct to DVD movie; while talking to the voice of Ariel, Jodi Benson, they got a scoop on Toy Story 3. Benson tells the site that not only will she be returning as Barbie for the new film, she’ll be joined by Ken himself. Lending Ken a voice? Michael Keaton.

But he won’t be lending Ken anatomical parts. Benson says that while Barbie and Ken hug, there’s no kissing between the dolls.

The third film in the franchise finds Andy’s toys being dropped off at a day care center when the big fella goes to college (Jesus Christ, has it really been that long since the first one? Thanks for making me feel ancient, Pixar). Lessons, tears and a hopeful major blockbuster hit ensue.