writer Robert Orci has been logging in to a Transformers fan board, answering some questions about the upcoming sequel, Revenge of the Fallen. He reveals that we will be seeing a trailer by the end of the year, probably around November, which is when he says the promotional aspect begins in earnest.

Here are some other answers he gave:

- There may be a flying Autobot this time around

- Transformers will have fewer exposed guts in the sequel

- Expect just as much of Shia’s parents in this film, and plenty of comedy as well

- You’ll see a lot more of the Transformers this time out, as Orci says they don’t have to set up the world anymore. You’ll also see the robots changing a lot faster; Orci says that the slower transformations in the first film were written in at the insistence of Spielberg, who wanted people to be able to see what was going on.

Thanks to George at Latino Review for bringing this to my attention. Click here to visit the massive thread and ask Orci your own questions.