The newest poster for Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland (new trailer lands on Monday) is propagating a dangerous trend in science fiction cinema. It’s something that could threaten to overtake the genre, and it needs to be cut down before it grows any further. Looking at this poster, it’s obvious what I’m talking about:

Tomorrowland poster

Fields of wheat.

Fields of wheat (and farmlands to a wider extent) are becoming a nuisance to sci-fi cinema. Along with Tomorrowland, we’ve been force-fed this rural propaganda in movies like Star Trek (2009)Looper, and Interstellar. Even superhero sci-fi has gotten involved with Man of Steel and the new Fantastic Four trailer. If we don’t phase out this offensive trend, we’ll be drowned in science fiction films featuring alien farmers going over their timetables to decide when the best time to harvest their crop is.

Don’t let that happen, Chewers. Let your voice be heard, and stand up to The Golden Menace of wheat fields in science fiction films.