Controversial opinion #2918: I have a hard time telling female voices apart in cartoons. I can usually tell the male celebrity voices from one another, but it’s rare that a non-character actress voice leaps out and says to me ‘This is so and so!’ I imagine that will be the case with Kristen Bell, who has just signed on to do a voice in the movie version of Astro Boy.

Bell will be playing the female lead, throwing her voice up against Nicolas Cage, (distinctive voice),Donald Sutherland (distinctive voice), Bill Nighy (distinctive voice), Nathan Lane (distinctive voice), Eugene Levy (distinctive voice) and Freddie Highmore (the kid). Does the female lead mean that she’ll fall in love with the boy robot who has to save Metropolitan City from some threat or other? Here’s to hoping Bell has to do a vocal love scene with Freddie Highmore.