The Shield – The Complete Sixth Season
Shawn Ryan
Cast: Michael Chiklis, Walton Goggins, Jay Karnes, Michael Jace, Catherine Dent, Benito Martinez, CCH Pounder, Forest Whitaker Price: $37.99

Special Features: Featurette: Saturn’s Sons, Featurette: Two Directors, Featurette: Full Circle: Franka Potente, Commentary on Select Episodes, 33 Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary on Select Scenes

Synopsis: Lt. Jon Kavanaugh (Whitaker) considers planting evidence to frame Detective Vic Mackey (Chiklis) for Detective Curtis ‘Lemonhead’ Lemansky’s murder while Vic believes someone else is guilty. ~ Detective Holland ‘Dutch’ Wagenbach’s (Karnes) robbery/homicide investigation leads him to a ruthless methamphetamine ring. ~ While trying to save his job by any means necessary, Vic is stuck training his replacement as they investigate a gang war. ~ An unexpected suspect turns up in a rape/mutilation investigation, and the team is under pressure to conceal a city official’s daughter’s drug addiction after she’s found dead. ~ Detective Shane Vendrell (Goggins) aligns himself with an Armenian mob to prevent vengeful violence.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (2-Disc Collector’s Edition)
Henry Selick
Writer: Tim Burton, Michael McDowell, Caroline Thompson
Cast: Danny Elfman, Chris Sarandon, Catherine O’Hara, Paul Reubens Price: $22.99

Special Features: Commentary by producer and writer Tim Burton, director Henry Selick and composer Danny Elfman, some deleted scenes, a storyboard to film comparison, a Jack’s Haunted Mansion Holiday Tour, Burton’s original poem narrated by Christopher Lee, a making of featurette, another featurette on the world of Nightmare Before Christmas, original trailers and posters, the complete short film Vincent, and a digital copy of the film. Also available is The Ultimate Collector’s Edition DVD Set featuring an individually numbered hand-painted bust of Jack Skellington in all his gory glory equipped with a Jack’s “Sandy Claws” hat and beard, a sound chip that plays memorable lines from the film and a letter of authenticity. A Blu-ray release will also be available with an exclusive Introduction by Tim Burton

Synopsis: Now digitally restored and remastered with state-of-the-art technology, THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS is deeper, darker and more brilliant than ever just as Tom Burton originally envisioned it. Can Christmas be saved? Bored with the same old scare-and-scream routine, Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, longs to spread the joy of Christmas. But his merry mission puts Santa in jeopardy and creates a nightmare for good little boys and girls everywhere.

David Mamet
Writer: David Mamet
Cast: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Tim Allen, Alice Braga, Emily Mortimer, Joe Mantegna, Ricky Jay Price: $24.99

Special Features: Commentary with David Mamet and Randy Couture, 3 featurettes (“Behind-the-Scenes of Redbelt”, “Inside Mixed Martial Arts”, “The Magic of Cyril Takayama”), a Q & A with Mamet, an Interview with Dana White (President of the UFC), and Fighter Profiles

Synopsis: Redbelt is the story of Mike Terry (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a Jiu-Jitsu teacher who had avoided the prize fighting circuit, choosing instead to pursue an honorable life by opening a self-defense studio with a samurai’s code. Terry and his wife Sonda (Alicia Braga) struggle to keep the business running to make ends meet. An accident on a dark, rainy night at the Academy between an off-duty officer (Max Martini) and a distraught lawyer (Emily Mortimer) puts in motion a series of events that will change Terry’s life dramatically, introducing him to a world of promoters (Ricky Jay, Joe Mantegna) and movie star Chet Frank (Tim Allen). Faced with this, in order to pay off his debts and regain his honor, Terry must step into the ring for the first time in his life.

Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom 
Pier Paolo Pasolini
Writer: Pier Paolo Pasolini
Cast: Paolo Bonacelli, Giorgio Cataldi, Umberto P. Quintavalle, Aldo Valletti Price: $29.99

Special Features: New, restored high-definition digital transfer, “Salò”: Yesterday and Today, a 33-minute documentary featuring interviews with director Pier Paolo Pasolini, actor-filmmaker Jean-Claude Biette, and Pasolini friend Nineto Davoli, Fade to Black, a 23-minute documentary featuring directors Bernardo Bertolucci, Catherine Breillat, and John Maybury, as well as scholar David Forgacs, The End of “Salò”, a 40-minute documentary about the film’s production, New interviews with set designer Dante Ferretti and director and film scholar Jean-Pierre Gorin, Optional English-dubbed soundtrack, Theatrical trailer, PLUS: A booklet featuring new essays by Neil Bartlett, Catherine Breillat, Naomi Greene, Sam Rohdie, Roberto Chiesi, and Gary Indiana, and excerpts from Gideon Bachmann’s on-set diary

Synopsis: Pier Paolo Pasolini’s notorious final film, Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom, has been called nauseating, shocking, depraved, pornographic . . . it’s also a masterpiece. The controversial poet, novelist, and filmmaker’s transposition of the Marquis de Sade’s 18th-century opus of torture and degradation to 1944 Fascist Italy remains one of the most passionately debated films of all time, a thought-provoking inquiry into the political, social, and sexual dynamics that define the world we live in.

Brotherhood of the Wolf – Director’s Cut (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Christopher Gans
Writer: Christopher Gans, Stephane Cabel
Cast: Samuel Le Bihan, Vincent Cassel, Émilie Dequenne, Monica Bellucci Price: $16.99

Special Features: 40 minutes of deleted scenes, Theatrical Trailer, Making of Brotherhood of the Wolf: The Guts of the Beast, Documentary, The Legend and Storyboards

Synopsis: Inspired by actual events taking place during the reign of King Louis XV, THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF revisits one of the rare French myths, that of the “Beast of Gevaudan” which killed a number of persons before being vanquished under mysterious circumstances. For two years, the monstrous Beast had been terrorizing the region of Gevaudan, attacking mostly women and children. It is said to be of colossal size and dragon-like and often rumored of being the devil.  All of France was shaken by these inexplicable killings. Delegated by the Royal Court, Gregoire de Fronsac arrives in Gevaudan one autumn night.  His mission is to find the Beast and to eventually destroy it during a hunt. Nothing will prepare them for what they discover.

Delicatessen (Special Edition)
Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Writers: Marc Caro, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Gilles Adrien
Cast: Dominique Pinon, Marie-Laure Dougnac, Jean-Claude Dreyfus Price: $17.99

Special Features: Commentary with director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, a “Fine Cooked Meats: The Making of Delicatessen” featurette, rehearsals and behind-the-scenes footage from the set, a photo gallery, and the trailers.

Synopsis: When meat becomes so rare that it is used as currency, residents living above a delicatessen must depend on a menacingly strange butcher (Jean-Claude Dreyfus) for their supply. But when a new tenant (Dominique Pinon) arrives and takes a job as the building’s handyman, he unknowingly steps into the butcher’s trap…to serve him as the next meal.

The Adventures of Robin Hood [Blu-ray]
Michael Curtiz, William Keighley
Writer: Norman Reilly Raine, Senton I Miller
Cast: Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland Price: $19.95

Special Features: Audio Commentary by Film Historian Rudy Behlmer, Leonard Maltin hosts “Warner Night at the Movies 1938 featuring Vintage Newsreel”, • 2 Documentaries: “Welcome to Sherwood” and “Glorious Technicolor, 2 Classic Cartoons: “Rabbit Hood” and “Robin Hood Daffy”, 2 Vintage Short Subjects: “Cavalcade of Archery” and “The Cruise of the Zaca”, Outtakes and Bloopers, “Robin Hood Through the Ages” Vintage Film Excerpts, “A Journey to Sherwood Forest” Vintage Cast Home Movies, “Splitting the Arrow” Still Galleries, Music-only Audio Track, Radio Show Excerpt: “The Robin Hood Radio Show”, Audio-Only: “Erich Wolfgang Korngold Piano Sessions”, Errol Flynn Trailer Gallery

Synopsis: This lavish, fast-paced version of the Robin Hood legend won three Academy Awards (Best Film Editing, Interior Decoration and Original Score). Doing many stunts himself, Errol Flynn is at his athletic, romantic best in a role originally intended for James Cagney. Olivia de Havilland (Maid Marian), as well as consummate screen villains Basil Rathbone and Claude Rains round out the all-star cast.

Miami Vice (Unrated Director’s Edition) [Blu-ray]
Michael Mann
Writer: Michael Mann
Cast: Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx, Gong Li, Naomie Harris Price: $19.95

Special Features: “Behind the Scenes,” “Miami Vice Undercover,” “Miami & Beyond: Shooting On Location,” “Visualizing Miami Vice” and an audio commentary with Michael Mann. Exclusive next-gen features include a picture-in-picture commentary (Bonus View-enabled), plus the ability for “GPS tracking” of vehicles.

Synopsis: Ricardo Tubbs (Jamie Foxx) is urbane and dead smart. He lives with Bronx-born intel analyst Trudy (Naomie Harris) as they work undercover transporting drug loads into South Florida to identify a group responsible for three murders. Sonny Crockett (Colin Farrell), who may seem unorthodox, but is actually procedurally sound, is charismatic and flirtatious until he gets romantically entangled with Isabella (Gong Li), the Chinese-Cuban wife of an arms and drugs trafficker. The intensity of this case pushes Crockett and Tubbs out onto the edge where identity and fabrication become blurred, where cop and player become one–especially for Crockett in his romance with Isabella and for Tubbs in the provocation of an assault on those he loves. Working deeply undercover is dangerous and alluring…especially when Crockett and Tubbs go where their badges don’t count…

a/k/a Tommy Chong
Josh Gilbert
Writer: Josh Gilbert and Steven Hager
Cast: Lou Adler, Tommy Chong, Cheech Marin, Peter Coyote, Jay Leno, Bill Maher Price: $18.99

Special Features: unknown

Synopsis:  a/k/a Tommy Chong chronicles the entrapment and incarceration of comedy icon Tommy Chong of the legendary comedy duo, Cheech and Chong. Josh Gilbert takes on the event in his documentary, and offers a sometimes frightening, often hilarious account of Operation Pipe Dreams, a nationwide drug paraphernalia sting spearheaded by a federal prosecutor named Mary Beth Buchanan, appointed by George Bush three short days after the attacks of 9/11. After fully armed SWAT teams raided the comedian’s home and his business, Chong Glass, Chong was sentenced to 9 months in federal prison for “conspiracy to manufacture and distribute drug paraphernalia through his family business, specializing in handmade glass water pipes, or “bongs”. Of the 55 defendants prosecuted, Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong was the only one with no prior convictions to receive jail time. Justifying the sentence, George Bush’s appointee, Mary Beth Buchanan cited the classic Cheech and Chong comedy Up In Smoke as evidence that Tommy Chong had become wealthy “trivializing law enforcement efforts to combat marijuana trafficking and use.” As Roger Ebert said after viewing the film, “You do not have to approve of drugs to be offended.” The film provides a charming portrait of a counter culture icon set against the backdrop of a War on Drugs gone horribly awry.

Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden?
Morgan Spurlock
Writer: Morgan Spurlock
Cast: Morgan Spurlock Price: $16.99

Special Features: Alternate ending

Synopsis: If Morgan Spurlock has learned anything from over 30 years of movie-watching, it’s that if the world needs saving, it’s best done by one lone man willing to face danger head on to take it down, action hero style.So, with no military experience, knowledge or expertise, he sets off to do what the CIA, FBI and countless bounty hunters have failed to do: find the world’s most wanted man. Why take on such a seemingly impossible mission? SimpleÑhe wants to make the world safe for his soon to be born child. But before he finds Osama bin Laden, he first needs to learn where he came from, what makes him tick, and most importantly, what exactly created bin Laden to begin with.

Heroes: Season 2
Tim Kring
Cast: Hayden Panettiere, Jack Coleman, Greg Grunberg, Ali Larter Price: $24.99

Special Features: Commentaries with Cast & Crew, deleted scenes, featurettes, a Generations Alternate Ending, Untold Stories, 4 featurettes (Heroes Season 2 “A New Beginning”, Takezo Kensei: Sword Saint, Inside The Alternate Ending of Generations, Genetics of a Scene), Tim Sale Gallery of Screen Art, a Season 3 Sneak Peek, preview trailers

Synopsis: Rejoin the epic phenomenon as Heroes: Season 2 arrives on DVD! Watch the Emmy nominated show and experience all the new and exciting twists of the astonishing series in this 4-disc set that includes every gripping Season Two episode. Plus, see what could have been with exclusive bonus features that reveal the untold stories that never aired and an alternate ending to the season finale where the fate of humanity takes an ominous turn. A must-have for every Heroes fan and perfectly timed before the new season returns to air this September on NBC!

Entourage – The Complete Fourth Season
Doug Ellin
Cast: Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillion, Jeremy Piven, Jerry Ferrara Price: $25.99

Special Features: Making of Medellin Behind The Scenes Featurette, Medellin Trailer, US Comedy Arts Festival Panel with the show’s cast, Audio Commentaries with Doug Ellin, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Kevin Connoly and Jerry Ferrara

Synopsis: For Vince, Eric, Drama and Turtle, life in Hollywood’s fast lane can be an intoxicating ride. As Eric and Vince take on new roles as producers, the question that remains in the fourth season is if their film will be hailed as a critical masterpiece, or will it end up on the trash heap of broken Tinsletown dreams. Starring Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara.

The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Beginning
Peggy Holmes
Writer: Robert Reece, Evan Spiliotopoulos,
Cast: Jodi Benson, Sally Field Price: $15.99

Special Features: 2 backstage Disney featurettes: “Splashdance” and “The Little Mermaid: Under the Sea and Behind The Scenes On Broadway.” 2 deleted scenes (shown in storyboard form), “Music & More” (where viewers can directly access the musical numbers AND watch them karaoke-style with the words on the screen), and the game “Mermaid Discovery Vanity Game,” where you can learn about each of King Triton’s daughters by clicking on the personal items on their vanity/makeup tables.

Synopsis: See how it all started for one of Disney’s most beloved characters in the all-new movie, THE LITTLE MERMAID: ARIEL’S BEGINNING. Imagine a time long before Ariel met Prince Eric and walked on land — a time when music was banned from the underwater kingdom of Atlantica. Torn between family duty and her love of music, Ariel must make the most difficult choice of her life. With the help of her friends, Sebastian and Flounder and her six amusing sisters, will the young mermaid be able to restore music, friendship and love to the kingdom? An all-star cast returns, including Jodi Benson (Ariel) and Samuel E. Wright (Sebastian) — plus meet the deliciously wicked villain Marina Del Rey — in a marvelous musical adventure teeming with surprises, breathtaking animation and all-new songs.

What Happens in Vegas
Tim Vaughan
Writer: Dana Fox
Cast: Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kutcher, Treat Williams, Dennis Farina, Queen Latifah Price: $19.99

Special Features: Director commentary, deleted scenes, outtakes, trailers, and a digital copy of the film

Synopsis: After the wildest party night of their lives, two mismatched strangers, Jack (Ashton Kutcher) and Joy (Cameron Diaz), wake up in Vegas to discover they not only got lucky – they got married! The road to annulment takes a hilarious turn after Jack wins a three-million-dollar jackpot while playing Joy’s quarter and a no-nonsense judge (Dennis Miller) sentences them to six months “hard marriage.” What follows is an all-out war of the sexes as Jack and Joy go to outrageous lengths to try and cheat each other out of the money. But in the end, they may learn that when you gamble on love, you just might win, against all odds!

U-571 [Blu-ray]
Jonathan Mostow
Writer: Jonathan Mostaw, Sam Montgomery, David Ayer
Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Bill Paxton, Harvey Keitel, Jon Bon Jovi, David Keith Price: $19.95

Special Features: Audio commentary with director Jonathan Mostow, a series of featurettes hosted by Mostow, and a batch of historical vignettes.

Synopsis: From the creators of the hit thriller Breakdown comes Universal Pictures’ U-571, a white-knuckle World War II suspense drama about an American submarine crew’s battle against time-and their own fears-while carrying out a daring mission to capture a top-secret encrypting device from a Nazi U-boat.

Pale Rider [Blu-ray]
Clint Eastwood
Writer: Michael Butler, Dennis Shryack
Cast: Clint Eastwood, Chris Penn Price: $19.95

Special Features: Pale Rider and Unforgiven Theatrical Trailers

Synopsis:  A mysterious preacher protects a humble prospector village from a greedy mining company trying to encroach on their land.

End of Days [Blu-ray]
Peter Hyams
Writer: Andrew W. Marlowe
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gabriel Byrne, Robin Tunney, CCH Pounder, Kevin Pollak Price: $20.95

Special Features: Audio Commentary with Peter Hyams

Synopsis: New York City, 1979: In a Manhattan hospital, a newborn child enters the world, a beautiful baby girl. That same day in a lofty cathedral in the Vatican City, a young pontiff informs the Pope of the birth of the child. Her birth has been feared for centuries. The scripture has indeed proven true: the child, Christine, bears the birthmark of the anti-Christ, and has been chosen for an unholy union. Following an unorthodox baptism in the hospital’s morgue, she is returned to her mother, as if everything is back to normal. But things are far from normal. The inevitable countdown to doom has begun.


One Tree Hill – The Complete Fifth Season
NCIS – The Fifth Season
Three Stooges Collection 3: 1940-1942
Errol Flynn Westerns Collection (Montana / Rocky Mountain / San Antonio / Virginia City)
Warner Home Video Western Classics Collection (Escape from Fort Bravo / Many Rivers to Cross / Cimarron 1960 / The Law and Jake Wade / Saddle the Wind / The Stalking Moon)
Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Collection (Wyrd Sisters / Soul Music)
Purple Violets
Bangkok Love Story
Virgin Territory
Postal (UnRated)
Lynch (One)
Chicago 10
Everybody Hates Chris: The Third Season
My Sassy Girl
Dante’s Inferno




Transformers (Two-Disc Special Edition) [Blu-ray]
Supernatural – The Complete Third Season
Eli Stone: The Complete First Season

The Office: Season Four
Every Which Way But Loose [Blu-ray]

How the West Was Won (Ultimate Collector’s Edition)
The Big Lebowski – 10th Anniversary Edition

Pumpkinhead (Collector’s Edition)
Cool Hand Luke (Deluxe Edition)

Kill Bill – Volumes 1 & 2 [Blu-ray]

Pushing Daisies – The Complete First Season
The Mist [Blu-ray]
Beetlejuice (20th Anniversary Edition)
Speed Racer [Blu-ray]
Blood Simple (Director’s Cut)

The Godfather Collection – Four-Disc Coppola Restoration [Blu-ray]
L.A. Confidential [Blu-ray]

Friday The 13th – The Series: The First Season
Run, Fat Boy, Run


What Happens In Vegas  $15.99
What Happens In Vegas: 2 DVD Extended Jackpot Edition w/Digital Copy  $22.99
Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams  $15.99
The Little Mermaid III: Ariel’s Beginning  $15.99 *
Red Belt  $19.99
Nightmare Before Christmas: 2 DVD Collector’s Edition w/Digital Copy  $24.99
Afro Samurai  $6.99
Afro Samurai : Director’s Cut  $12.99
Postal: Unrated  $19.99
Son Of Rambow  $19.99 Best Buy Retail Exclusive
August  $14.99
* Best Buy Exclusive: Free Collectible 3D cup with purchase of the Little Mermaid III: Ariel’s Beginning // Cup = $4.99 value

Nightmare Before Christmas: 2 DVD Collector’s Edition w/Digital Copy  $24.99
Nightmare Before Christmas: 2 DVD Ultimate Collector’s Set w/Digital Copy  $119.99 *
* Includes 3 DVDs loaded with new and existing material, Ultimate Collector’s Bust and Letter Of Authenticity

$3.99 DVDs:
American Psycho: Uncut Version – Special Collector’s Edition, Bottle Rocket, Booty Call, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle – Unrated, GO, Panic Room, Saving Silverman, Waiting: 2 DVD Special Edition, CHAOS, CRANK, CRASH, The Devil’s Rejects: Unrated, Reservoir Dogs: Special Edition

2 DVDs For $20:
Little Einsteins: Firebird Rescue, Little Einsteins: Our HUGE Adventure, Disney Sing Along Songs, Handy Manny: Tooling Around, My Friends: Tigger & Pooh – Friendly Tails, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Treat, Disney Princess Party: Volume I, Disney Princess Party: Volume II

Blu-Ray High Definition Discs / Players:
Heroes: Season 2  $49.99
Heroes: Season 1  $79.99
What Happens In Vegas w/Digital Copy  $29.99
The Nightmare Before Christmas: Collector’s Edition  $34.99
Redbelt  $29.99
Postal: Unrated  $29.99
GoodFellas  $19.99
Twister  $19.99
V For Vendetta  $19.99
Vantage Point  $29.99
Open Season  $29.99
The Other Boleyn Girl  $29.99
Camp Rock: Extended Edition  $29.99
Hannah Montanna: Best Of Both Worlds – The 3D Movie[/b]  $29.99

DVD Sets:
Entourage: Season 4  $26.99 *
NCIS: Season 5  $39.99
One Tree Hill: Season 5  $39.99
The Shield: Season 6  $37.99
Heroes: Season 2  $29.99
Heroes: Season 2 – Exclusive Gift Set  $34.99 *
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Enchanted  $14.99
The Little Mermaid III: Ariel’s Beginning  $14.99
Virgin Territory  $12.99
What Happens In Vegas  $15.99
What Happens In Vegas: Extended Jackpot Edition w/Digital Copy  $22.99
Mad Money  $15.99
Vantage Point  $14.99
21  $14.99
The Nightmare Before Christmas: 2 DVD Collector’s Edition w/Digital Copy  $24.99

$4.99 DVDs:
The Island, Catwoman, John Q., After The Sunset, Oliver Stone Collection: Natural Born Killers, Any Given Sunday, The Italian Job (Mark Wahlberg ), Training Day, Lean ON Me, Money Talks, Funny Farm, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Cellular, Blade, The Neverending Story, The Incredible Mr. Limpet, Sahara, I Am Sam, City Of Angels: Special Edition, Pleasantville, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990), The Warriors: Ultimate Director’s Cut, Minority Report, Clear & Present Danger, Mission: Impossible – Special Collector’s Edition, M:I  2

$6.99 DVDs:
Hot Fuzz, Battlestar Galactica: RAZOR, Eastern Promises

Blu-Ray High Definition Discs:
The Nightmare Before Christmas: Collector’s Edition w/Digital Copy  $34.99
What Happens In Vegas  $29.99

DVD Sets:
One Tree Hill: Season 5  $39.99
The Shield: Season 6  $39.99
The Shield: Season 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5  $19.99 each
Entourage: Season 4  $24.99 *
Heroes: Season 2  $24.99 CELL
Heroes: Season 1  $32.99
*Circuit City Exclusive: Free Tshirt with purchase

The Little Mermaid: 2 DVD Platinum Edition  $16.99
The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning  $16.99
What Happens In Vegas  Low Price ($16.99)
What Happens In Vegas: Extended Jackpot Edition w/Digital Copy  $22.99 *
The Nightmare Before Christmas: 2 DVD Collector’s Edition + Digital Copy  $24.99
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The Little Mermaid: 2 DVD Platinum Edition  $16.99 *
The Little Mermaid III: Ariel’s Beginning  $16.99 *
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$10.00 DVDs:
Bratz: The Movie
Grindhouse Presents: Planet Terror: Extended & Unrated
Facing The Giants
Spy Kids / Spy Kids 2: Two Movie Collection

Blu-Ray High Definition Discs:
What Happens In Vegas  $29.99
The Nightmare Before Christmas: Collector’s Edition  $29.99
Twister  $19.99
The Perfect Storm  $19.99
Batman Begins  $19.99
V For Vendetta  $19.99
Heroes: Season 1  $74.99
Heroes: Season 2  $44.99

DVD Sets:
The Shield: Season 6  $39.99
NCIS: Season 5  $39.99
Entourage: Season 4  $24.99
One Tree Hill: Season 5  $39.99
Heroes: Season 2  $24.99
Heroes: Season 2 – Target Deluxe Edition  $32.99