The internet is good to comedy. It allows lots of professionally funny people the kind of freedom they can’t find on television and the kind of audience they don’t get at clubs. Take for example The Line: at seven episodes and about a half hour total, it’s too long for a sketch comedy show and not robust enough for an entire TV series. But who doesn’t want to watch Bill Hader and Joe LoTruglio play two guys lining up 11 days early for the latest sequel to their favorite science fiction blockbuster? They’re joined by a bunch of great comedians as they make loving fun of nerds, including the great Paul Scheer. This may be old news for the hardcore comedy nerd, but it’s new to me, and hopefully you. Without further ado… The Line: The Complete Saga:

Episode I:

Episode II:

Episode III:

Episode IV:

Episode V:

Episode VI:

Episode VII: