I guess today is all about sci-fi trailers at CHUD. This just landed today and there are a few things worth noting:

1) If you told me this was directed by Tarsem Singh (The CellThe FallImmortals), I wouldn’t believe you. As far as this trailer is concerned, none of his visual flair seems present. Depending on how you feel about Singh, that could be a benefit or a disappointment.

2) Are we in the middle of a Ryanaissance? Maybe I’m still a little jazzed from his performance in The Voices (my review), but he doesn’t look half bad in this! I’m not crazy about him being a semi-action star, but there looks like an opportunity for him to play with some more complicated ideas.

3) This film will probably suffer from ditching Ben Kingsley so early in its running time. Bummer.

4) Matthew Goode! I haven’t seen you since Stoker. Why don’t you return my calls?

5) The look of the film’s future isn’t extremely iconic, but there’s a sleek believability to it. If it wasn’t for Jupiter Ascending bombing hard, maybe we could have had a small revival of insane design choices in our sci-fi. Maybe Star Wars: The Force Awakens can still make that happen.

This could be a decent distraction, but it’s probably going to get buried this summer. We’ll find out on July 31st.