Collider got their hands on a new picture from Land of the Lost, the Will Ferrell/Danny McBride adaptation of the classic (and, in retrospect, terrible) kiddie show featuring dinosaurs and lizard men. Those lizard men are the Sleestaks, but they weren’t always hissing monstrosities – they once had a civilization and were known as the Altrusians. A time traveling Altrusian lives in the Land of the Lost, a dude by the name of Enik, who guards a time portal (in the original series, at least). Enik could talk and wear clothes, unlike the degraded, devolved Sleestaks.

The new picture is of Will Ferrell standing next to Enik. The movie version, anyway, who has one big head. Collider’s not one hundred percent sure where the image comes from or what it is, but let them rest assured at the very least that they have the first pic of Enik.

Here’s a not that interesting bit of coincidence: John Boylan, who plays Enik in the film, appeared on an episode of Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict. Enik was created by Walter Keonig (yes, Chekov from Star Trek), who originally named him Eneg, in honor of Roddenberry. David Gerrold, who also wrote for Trek, changed the spelling before the show was filmed.

Go to Collider to see the full picture.