macgruber finger

MacGruber is my favorite SNL movie. Yes, I like it more than The Blues Brothers, but I won’t argue which film is better because they are both delicious. MacGruber is more my flavor though. I’m certainly up for another serving. If Will Forte and everyone else involved in the first film has their way, we’ll be getting just that.

While doing press for his show The Last Man on Earth (premiering this Sunday on Fox), Forte said that MacGruber 2 is “priority #1” for him. I’m sure that The Last Man on Earth‘s success/failure will factor into MacGruber 2‘s timeline, so we’ll have to keep an eye on that.

Even though I don’t think the sequel will be able to be as surprising as the first film was, these are all people I enjoy a lot, so why not let them make another movie? Forte is one of my favorite comedians of the modern era, and a chance for him to return to this character with even crazier (and hopefully even darker) ideas is exciting at this point.

…But seriously, MacTwober. You can have that for free, Will.