While promoting Chappie over at Sky Movies, Neill Blomkamp and Sigourney Weaver have spilled a few more beans on their upcoming Alien film. And, as Blomkamp’s concept art had indicated, it looks like this film might pull some alternate timeline Superman Returns stuff and disregard Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection.

This isn’t explicitly stated in the video, so regard it as conjecture at this point, but the implications are pretty heavy. Blomkamp has been very vague about the whole thing, but recently said to Entertainment Weekly that Fox seemed “really, really cool” on the whole thing. Looks like they’re pretty keen on getting this going.

I really like the enthusiasm from Blomkamp and Weaver, but the idea of an “Aliens 2″ still annoys me. I love Aliens, but the vast majority of content and merchandising in the franchise has been an elaboration on the characters, creatures, attitude, and aesthetic from Cameron’s film. That includes video games, novels, the Dark Horse comics, action figures, and crossover movies. Alien has more imitators (probably because they were cheaper to make), but Aliens is the entry that really broke out and made the franchise what it is. That’s respectable, but it also means I’m kind of tired of it. In short, I want more things like Alien: Isolation and less things that remind me of the Dark Horse comics (as fun as they are). Based on the Chewer comments in my previous article about this film, it would seem that most of you guys would gladly toss Alien 3 and Resurrection into a wood chipper to see this movie.

Me? Lemme see some footage, then we’ll talk about the wood chipper.