When the producer of Terminator: Salvation tells you “[Arnold] Schwarzenegger is governing California. He will not be, as a person, in the film,” certain possibilities spring to mind. While one of those is that some Terminator or T2-era footage could be cut into the film, another possibility (as envisioned by Wired) is that Arnie might provide some sort of voice over.

But producer Moritz Borman isn’t taking the bait. “I’m not going to answer the question about what we’re trying, or what
we want, or what we’re toying with. It’s really up to
what fits in the film or not. Maybe his voice, or maybe not.  It’s
really not settled.” So, what do you think? I’d expect people to be thrilled at the prospect of any Arnie cameo, even voice only, while I’m the one over in the corner who kinda just wants this movie to be its own thing. Speak up on the message boards about your (c)Arnold desires.