Shh. Don’t talk or ask questions. Just watch.

How’d that feel? Good, didn’t it?

Heavy Rain has been a mystery for quite a while now. Developers Quantic Dream (of the incredibly underrated games Omikron: The Nomad Soul and Indigo Prophecy) first showed off the title at E3 back in 2006, but since then not much has been revealed. It was shown behind closed doors to a handful of journalists at this year’s E3, but no one was allowed to say anything… but I know a few people who said it was their game of the show.

[I was one of the people who saw it, and one of those who went with ‘game of show’. Sony’s NDA was incredibly frustrating, but the game really does look incredible. It was one of very few games at E3 this year that really seemed to be working different angles. -Russ]

Now the details are all pouring down. That above trailer was taken from this week’s Leipzig Games Convention, where a playable demo dubbed “The Origami Killer” was shown. As you can see, it highlights the absolutely stunning visuals and QTE-style gameplay. It definitely looks like it plays like a much darker Indigo Prophecy, and that can’t be all that bad.

The game will be released in 2009 exclusively on the PS3. There’s already been talk of a demo on the way and eventual support of Sony’s Home.

Needless to say, this could be a huge, huge title for Sony, and just the kind of original game they need right now.