DuckTales header

Just learn to accept that anything you loved as a child will be re-purposed approximately twenty years later, and you’ll learn to live a more rage-free life. But, for those of you who need your nostalgia fix of the day, here’s some cartoons that are going to have new versions out for you to lament about.

The big one of the day is DuckTales. Based off of the influential Carl Barks comics, the original cartoon was a big hit, spawning a pretty fun theatrical film (Shabooey!) and one of my favorite Nintendo games of all time (I even dig the lesser appreciated sequel). Disney XD will crank out this updated take on the characters in 2017. The assumption is that the show will be the same nightmarish CGI that most kids’ cartoons are nowadays.

Speaking of nightmarish CGI, Netflix will be airing the newest iteration of Inspector Gadget in March. The series has already run in Europe, but now we Yankees have this to look forward to:

Inspector Gadget 2015

How come the dog is the only one who has half of a soul behind his porcelain eyes?

The other property Netflix will be reviving is the British cartoon Danger Mouse. I know of the fella, but have never seen a single episode of the beloved cartoon, so I don’t have much to say on this one. I’m sure one of you Chewers can educate me in the comments below.

Stay tuned for announcements about reboots of Wait Till Your Father Gets HomeThe Banana Splits Adventure Hour, and Snorks.