The Lego Movie banner

I hope you liked The Lego Movie (you should), because we’re going to be getting plenty of fallout from its massive critical and financial success. Lego Batman was such a hit that he’s getting his own film, and if that’s what has to happen for us to get a fun version of Batman back into theaters, I’m okay with it. Lego will also be adapting their Ninjago line into a big screen adventure, and if that’s what has to happen to get ninjas back into theaters, I’m okay with it.

But, the one everyone will be most interested in is The Lego Movie sequel… which will be appropriately called The Lego Movie Sequel. Chris Miller and Phil Lord will be writing and producing, but have decided to pass off the laborious task of directing to Rob Schrab. Schrab is the creator of the wonderful Scud: The Disposable Assassin comic, and has also been cutting his teeth directing episodes of CommunityParks and RecreationWorkaholicsChildrens Hospital, and other things that I don’t feel like typing right now.

Schrab is a perfect choice for the kind of hyperactive spirit the first film cultivated, and his irreverence will probably lead to some great visual bits. Still, The Lego Movie had the benefit of surprise (no one thought it was going to be great, let alone the best animated film of 2014), and the sequel now has huge expectations working against it. I have faith, and that’s coming from someone who never liked Lego’s growing up. I was all about Tinker Toys. Where’s that movie?