After the huge fiasco that transpired over the Sony hack last year, Amy Pascal has vacated her spot as Sony Pictures’ head honcho. In her place, oozing out of the blackest crevice imaginable, is former Fox executive Tom Rothman. Rothman’s infamy when it comes to superhero films is the thing of legend. He blocked¬†Deadpool for as long as he could (the leaked test footage even calls him out by name), he would not allow Sentinels in the X-Men films, and he notoriously micro-managed¬†X-Men Origins: Wolverine into… well,¬†X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The enmity between Marvel and Fox is pretty nasty, to the point where Marvel is making fun of Fox’s take on the Fantastic Four and killing off Wolverine in their comics.

Now he’ll be involved on some level with Spider-Man. The happiness we all felt when we heard that Spidey would be web-slinging home has slightly deflated with this news. I hope that Kevin Feige and the Marvel crew will be at the helm when it comes to the creative decisions, but Rothman is a documented meddler. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst, Chewers. We could be in for a cinematic adaptation of the Clone Saga.