If you live in or around the New York City area, you’re in luck this coming October 13th (sorry that isn’t a Friday, it’s a Monday, actually); the good folks over at Fangoria will be hosting a very special screening of Michael Dougherty’s (X-Men 2, Superman Returns) embattled rookie directorial effort Trick ‘r Treat.

In case you haven’t heard, Trick ‘r Treat was supposed to originally make its theatrical bow last October, but for whatever reason Warner Bros. neglected to give the film a birth. They then unceremoniously dumped the pic from their to-be-released slate within the last few weeks.

In addition to WB’s shoddy treatment of the film, there’s also been a batch of rumors online this week that the film may end up going straight to DVD. Under which distributor that will occur (if it occurs) remains to be seen, so if you want to see what I’ve heard is a great little film in the theater this may be your one and only chance.

Another upside to this screening, folks, is the fact the screening will be FREE! So you better hurry on over here right away and get yourself the details. This is a screening that’s bound to fill up quickly.

And for those of you joining our show already in progress, Trick ‘r Treat is about four intertwining stories that take place on Halloween.

Warning: SPOILERS!

The first nasty nugget centers on a high school principal leading a double-life as a serial killer; the second one revolves around a female college virgin, who believes she’s finally found the right guy to take care of business; the third’s about a bunch of unruly teenagers pulling a nasty prank; and the fourth is about a woman who hates Halloween with a passion and must contend with a spouse who’s totally in love with the holiday.