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The Pitch

Volleyball gets extreme. I hate myself for having written that.

The Humans

Brian Austin Green, Melissa Keller, Linden Ashby and Kayla Ewell

This guy look like Vince Vaughn fucked one of the puppets from DC Follies.

The Nutshell

Impact Point centers around Kelly Reyes. Kelly just wants to be the best damn volleyball player of all time. The only problem is that she’s got a creepy stalker. Could sports writer Holden be the stalker or is he just a concerned party? Do you even care by now?

Watch me morph into a mannish Malin Akerman.

The Lowdown

Volleyball isn’t that exciting. Well, unless you make a porno out of it. But, who would’ve done that? Brian Austin Green has been struggling for years outside of 90210 and Domino. He tries his best to play a love interest gone wrong, but it never quite comes together. Just like many things in the poor man’s life, it feels like it could have been more had someone else done it. Cue Meagan Fox joke that I had on the tip of my fingers, but lost.

Impact Point opens on some lame volleyball sequences followed by lamer exposition. The first half of the movie spends more time setting up the sportswriter character than volleyball star Kelly. They treat her like incidental set dressing, until the film blows its load and reveals the villain. If you’re going for a Psycho twist, try to give it more than twenty minutes. Such a quick twist of fate looks rushed.

Brian Austin Green never could pull off the Buffalo Bill look.

The film suffers from what all Z-grade thrillers suffer. It doesn’t know how to pace out the action and it doesn’t know what it wants to do. Is this a straight-up stalker movie? Are you trying to show the seedy underbelly of professional sports? Pick a fucking goal and strive for it.

What it all comes down to is the fact that this is another straight-to-DVD dump. SONY understands that there is a market for crap out there and they sure as hell say that they need to fill it. So, they do it to the barest level of their ability. It’s business, not art. Alas, I have no time to watch somebody’s tax shelter.

Quiet, children. He’s looking for his career.

The Package

Impact Point arrives on DVD with barely any special features. You get some promos for the Professional American Volleyball league. There’s also a digital copy of the film. Just in case you want to take this shitty film on the road with you. The featurette on the production of the movie fails because I didn’t see a single shot of the principal talent apologizing for this turd.

is pretty strong. The only beef I had with it was the fact that darker scenes has a series of jaggies across the upper left hand of the screen. It’s weird and it made the affair seem a little mis-framed. I tried to ignore this, but when I went to do the screen shots, I saw it pop again. So, it’s a bad movie and it is misframed.

In the end, Impact Point is
meant to entertain drugs in the middle of the night. A forgettable cable movie that got way too much attention on this DVD. It’s a bottom shelf flick that has no aspirations of moving higher. That’s why I can’t recommend. That and well it’s a film about volleyball.

Blondes on the Balls.

1.1 out of 10