FromĀ Blomkamp’s Instagram:


Variety is saying that Fox has indeed closed a deal with District 9 director Neill Blomkamp to direct a new sequel inĀ the Alien franchise. No other concrete details are currently available.

My feelings on the project aside, I gotta say I’m impressed. We definitely don’t have the full story on how all this went down, but I’m certain that Blomkamp’s decision to release his concept art was a strategic one.

The word on the streets is that Prometheus 2 is still happening, and will be its own thing. We all have our doubts about that, but I’m one of the few Alien devotees that thinks Prometheus is fun as hell. I’m also one of the Alien fans that is not terribly enthusiastic about the prospect of a new sequel written by the guy who wrote Elysium. How are you feeling about this, chewers?