Bloody Disgusting, home of the Platinum Dunes blog, has the first high res image of Jason Voorhees in action in the new Friday the 13th. You can click on the picture above to see the whole thing.

As I’ve said before, I like this look for Jason. It’s a little Freddy vs Jason, sure, but I think it melds the most classical elements of the character into one. And I like the little things, such as his utility belt, which is made from a stirrup. It speaks to this interpretation of Jason as a crazy woodsman.

In other Friday the 13th news, the series is getting a documentary just in time for the release of the new film. Called His Name Was Jason, the doc is directed by Daniel Farrands, editor and publisher of the crucial F13 book Crystal Lake Memories. Ryan Rotten, my secret mancrush and the genius behind Shock Til You Drop, just did an interview with Farrands. Hey Daniel, drop me an email! I’d love to talk Voorhees with you.

His Name Was Jason will air on Starz in February.