The fellows at Bloody Disgusting uncorked the oldish footage for the It’s Alive remake by director Joseph “please to help me with my” Rusnak  and boy does it paint the remake as an amazingly generic pile of car crash detritus. First they remake Larry Cohen’s Q with Josh Brolin and change the title [it rolls off the tongue so much better than W] and then there’s that Michael Chiklis TV show that totally rips Cohen’s Maniac Cop premise. Now they’ve got the gall to take his Davies family and their bundle of joy and give it the When a Stranger Calls treatment, stealing the “e” and adding Bijou (nee The Majestic) Phillips.

Hey, there’s a lot of blood in the footage! Whoop de doo.

I’ve noticed people becoming much more forgiving recently with horror films that feature gore simply because they have gore, The Midnight Meat Train being a recent example. Sure the movie sucks, but there’s gore! Horror fans are so fucking easy.


It’s Alive and its sequels are fun little diversions and who isn’t afraid of childbirth going wrong (or in this case toothily right) but unless a filmmaker’s going to really push the barrier what’s the point? This just looks dumb whether it be the excessive blood during Davies Baby attacks, the fact this footage makes the film look like a Sci-Fi Unoriginal, or the fact that the blandest actors in Blandville have driven their Coup De Bland to the set and appeared blandly on camera.

So, enjoy the footage!