I still don’t really know what a widget is, and I’m happy keeping that small run of ignorance going. That boneheadedness notwithstanding, I can still post the widget provided by Access Hollywood which shows off quite a lot of Josh Brolin in character as George W. Bush for Oliver Stone’s upcoming W. You see a few other folks as well, but the bulk of this footage is b-roll angles of Brolin giving alternate takes of one speech. You can really hear for the first time how he fits into the character of Dubya; I’m more impressed so far than I expected to be.

And below the widget are the several new posters for the film. Most of these have floated around for a couple days, but we haven’t run them yet. I like the French image for simplicity, but I really dig the billboard image, which carries a faint echo of the classic ’80s/’90s Maxell ads.