Some Crazy French Site debuted the European poster for The Transporter 3, the latest entry in the ongoing saga of closeted action hero Frank Martin (Jason Statham) and it’s jaw-droppingly humdrum.

Which is fine, because no one really cares what a Transporter poster will look like just so long as there’s some sort of Everydayproduct-Fu involved. Oil, fire hoses, his raging hard on after the male gymnastics, whatever he can get his hands on are the weapons of choice for the professional driver/badass. This one’s got bicycle-fu!

Frank Martin also enjoys Orangina, German cars, and The Wizard of Oz.

These movies are a blast and it’s going to be interesting to see what a Louis Letterier-less version of this series looks and feels like, though it looks safe in the hands of the amazingly named Olivier Megaton.

See the poster here if you’re really bored.