Resident Chud messageboard mick Stormin recently sent over a link to a project some friends of his are doing, a comedy/reality TV show that involves one of our most favorite of genres… zombies. It’s a web series called I Am Not Infected and is about a group of guys in LA who are trying to survive the usual zombie apocalypse.

Sure, you might be groaning not unlike the subject matter at the prospect of yet another zombie series (yeah, we’re all pretty sick of them right now) but it’s all very tounge in cheek…. try not to chuckle once or twice while watching these. The first episode of the series (linked below) starts off as a shaky-cam zombie extravaganza and later ones turn into a comedic retelling of the events leading up to the present. There are 4 episodes up so far.

Perhaps not the most original concept, and name dropping zombie directors and movies in your own project is getting really, really old, but it’s all amusing enough. You can check out more at