I’m sure you’ve been following the up and down casting curves of Quentin Tarantino’s bloody (and surely talkative) WWII flick Inglorious Bastards. As Tarantino jet-sets across the globe and delves into every acting nook and performance cranny he can find, movie-focused web sites have reported on each piece of intelligence that has bubbled to the surface – from confirmed cast members to possible cast members to whispers of possible cast members to “Hey, is Corey Feldman going to be in it?” We know that the motormouth director was able to coax Brad Pitt into starring, but he was unsuccessful in his attempts to square Simon Pegg away for a role. We also know that the director, in a fit of nepotism, cast pal Eli Roth as one of the bastards. Tim Roth, however, is sadly in the Nope column. Members from The Office (US) and Freaks and Geeks are on board, as is comedian Mike Myers(!). Adam Sandler is not. Corey Feldman, as mentioned above, no (but I wish). Leonardo DiCaprNO. Nastassja Kinski, who hotted up the classic Terminal Velocity, is a maybe.

I’ll give you a few moments to update your checklists.

Aside from Pitt, the parts that the mighty QT has peopled so far have been on the minor side. He’s still trying to flush an actor out of the brush to play the main villain of the piece, Hans “If Han and Lando mated” Landa. But it looks like Tarantino may have someone in his sights. Variety reports that 300 actor Michael Fassbender is in final negotiations to commit to the project. Fassbender, a German actor who is making a name for himself, is posed to step to the next level. He’s getting good notices for his performance in the movie Hunger, where he went to great lengths to portray the last days of man on a hunger strike. And he’s set to tackle the classically sad, vengeful, and puppy-murdering Heathcliff in the new film version of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights. Variety even mentions that Fassbender is beginning to draw comparisons to the method-y Daniel Day-Lewis. Eh, he doesn’t look so intense up there in those Chuck Taylors. Fassbender may be up for a role other than Landa, but that’s where speculation has him right now.

Stay tuned for more Inglorious casting reports either later today or sometime tomorrow. That’s a promise.