STUDIO: Magnolia Pictures
MSRP: $27.98
RATED: Not Rated
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The Pitch

Five women think they can do better, while working in a restaurant.

The Humans

Neve Campbell, Shirley Henderson, Ooan Pellea, Anna Maxwell Martin, Alexandria Maria Lara and Danny Huston

They make them wear those little hats. But, the first time that you call them Hop Sing, they want to sue.

The Nutshell

I Really Hate My Job is a snarky tale of five ladies working at a restaurant. The cook has just walked out and one of the waitresses is having to fill in on kitchen detail. If that wasn’t enough, there are two big guests that are going to throw the establishment into disarray. There’s a rat stalking the kitchen and the revolutionary waitress wants to stab it in the face. Then, there’s actor Danny Huston surprise visit to the eatery. All of this craziness in one night might be too much for a crew that doesn’t include Stanley Tucci and Tony Shalhoub.

Shit Balls – Dinner of the Gods

The Lowdown

Girl power has its limits. It can’t lift a package over fifty pounds or earn as much as men. That’s kind of a nasty joke, but I don’t care. It’s funnier than anything these women manage to do over the course of ninety minutes. But, is this film meant to be a comedy?

I Really Hate My Job opens on the hectic start of a busy evening. Everyone is pulling double-duty, since the cook quit. So, it’s up to Abbie to lead the others into the nightly trench. The other characters get their moments to shine, but the film keeps pushing back to Neve Campbell’s character Abbie. She’s an actress approaching thirty and she wants to find purpose in her life.

Did you ever wonder just how far a broom handle can go?

Neve Campbell uses this film as an attempted star vehicle at every turn. But, who cares about an edgy Campbell? She had her moment with Wild Things and the only thing that film taught me is that Kevin Bacon will show his cock on camera. Now, it comes off as a desperate ploy of a former genre actress trying to show what limited range that she can pimp out on cue. Truly a disappointment and only serves as a reminder of how bad a film this is.

When I start watching the clock twenty minutes into a feature, it’s a bad thing. You can’t walk out on a DVD, but you can start to find points that don’t suck so much. I found two. Neve Campbell’s left breast and then her right. If your film can be summed up by a still shot that belongs to the likes of WWTDD, then you’re in trouble. But, hell. I could’ve told Neve that she was having problems since Scream 3.

You can never read the captions below your screenshot, if you’re in the shot. Sorry, actress in lame indie movie.

The Package

I Really Hate My Job arrives on DVD with not much to show. It barely has a single special feature. The A/V quality is shit. Hell, the packaging arrived bent and banged up. Get your shit together, Magnolia.

Quality is pretty weak. You get an aura of light around most of the actors that seems to suggest a higher calling or the fact that they are seconds away from going supernova. I don’t believe that’s the case, as it would suggest that there is a quality about these ladies that make them extraordinary. The audio is flat and it doesn’t really kick into the final reel. If I can’t hear you until ten minutes from the credits, why would I want to hear you then?

In the end, I Really Hate My Job is a film that I can’t recommend. It’s everything that’s wrong about indie film in the modern era. It takes way too many cues from past cheap successes and hopes that putting it through a duck press will generate results. When the box art proclaims that it is Waitress meets The Devil Wears Prada, I have to scoff. Those films empowered women. This film just exploits their hormonal concerns of trivial futures.

You stuck it out until the end, so here are Sidney Prescott’s tits.

2.0 out of 10