If you haven’t aready, listen here:

For those of us eagerly anticipating the February 3rd release of John Carpenter’s Lost Themes album, Vortex is an exciting appetizer. What we have here is a brew of elements ranging from Escape from New York to In the Mouth of Madness to Assault on Precinct 13 to Prince of Darkness. Hell, there’s even some Big Trouble in Little China influence thrown in there.

This track, this Vortex, is a callback to the John Carpenter years fans will not shut up about. If the rest of the album is any indicator, Carpenter disciples will be chomping at the bit for films that hearken back to a golden age of cinema that hits genre fans in all the right spots. Just try listening to Vortex without envisioning the John Carpenter directed film starring Kurt Russell that never was.

Lost Themes can be pre-ordered HERE directly from Sacred Bones Records and if you have any more questions regarding the album itself, check out the additional preview uploaded right here: