The remake trend just keeps chuggin’ along, as the new rendition of Poltergeist has snagged its screenwriters, at least the first two of many to follow, I’m sure. Stiles White and Juliet Snowden will be putting pen to paper on the new version.

White and Snowden are probably best known to horror fans as the co-writers of Boogeyman, which they reworked for Ghost House back in 2005. As of late, they’ve taken a pass at Platinum Dunes’ remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, as well as co-writing Alex Proyas’ upcoming Knowing.

Details are practically null and void at this early stage as to where the story will go this time around. The original centered on a residential house plagued by the supernatural and the beleaguered family inhabiting it. Guess they should have moved those pesky corpses in addition to the tombstones when they commenced construction.

As far as a rating goes, we’ll have to wait and see on that one. The original was a PG, but you have to remember Steven Spielberg was the co-writer and producer (some would even argue director) on the original, and had anyone else been the creative driving force on it I can say without a doubt they would’ve been slapped with an R-rating. Creepy clowns, ripped-off faces, and swimming corpses were abound.

No word on a director so far, but I’m sure the studio will find some music video or commercial whiz-kid to fit the bill at some point.