In May I went to Santa Fe to visit the set of Legion, where I spoke with Tyrese Gibson, who revealed that he’s in the running to play BA Baracus in the big screen version of The A-Team for John Singleton. It’s important to note that at the time he specifically told me that he would be playing BA, and that he wouldn’t quite be doing the bling that Mr. T famously brought to the role.

That’s important because when Latino Review caught up with him at San Diego Comic Con, he confirmed that he’ll be in The A-Team, but he didn’t mention playing which role: “Soon as that script come back in and they tweak that thing out, we gonna go ahead and get movin’.”

George at Latino Review speculates that maybe Tyrese is playing Face Man, which I think would be brilliant casting, but unless things have changed since May, he’s playing BA. But maybe it’s not too late and Singleton can change things around – Tyrese is too pretty not to be Face Man.