Well, it ain’t Forever
yet, but Duke Nukem 3D is coming back. 3D Realms confirmed
that the game has passed final certification with Microsoft and is on
its way to your Xbox 360 as a Live Arcade title in the near future. There’s no
full details yet on what possible upgrades the game will have or when the
release date is but it’s going to have all the full game and online multiplayer,
and if that ain’t enough for you than you don’t know Duke. No price yet either,
but expect it to be around 10-15 bucks as per usual.

already has the list of Achievements for the title, which shows off some of the
fun stuff you’re going to have to do to, including some easy points, such as the
10 you get for tipping a stripper. The “Game Over” achievement also reveals that
the game will be the “Atomic Edition” with the 4th Episode of the game… very

Here’s the full list-

1. Piece of Cake – 25 Points
      Complete “L.A. Meltdown” on any difficulty or in co-op.
2. Let’s Rock – 25 Points
      Complete “Lunar Apocalypse” on any difficulty or in co-op.
3. Come Get Some – 25 Points
      Complete “Shrapnel City” on any difficulty or in co-op.
4. Game Over – 25 Points
      Complete “The Birth” on any difficulty or in co-op.
5. Duke’s Mighty Foot – 10 Points
      Step on 40 enemies after using the Shrinker on them.
6. Looks Like Cleanup on Aisle 4 – 10 Points
      Step in a pile of excrement.
7. Shake It Baby – 10 Points
      Tip an exotic dancer.
8. Oomph, Uugh, Where is it? – 10 Points
      Find 70 secret areas.
9. Alien Maggots are Gonna Pay – 10 Points
      Finish the “Hollywood Holocaust” level in under 3 minutes.
10. Gonna Rip Em’ a New One – 10 Points
      Get 100 total kills in ranked Dukematch games (Online).
11. See You in Hell – 15 Points
      Get 250 total kills in ranked Dukematch games (Online).
12. Hail to the King, Baby – 25 Points
      Earn respect and get 500 total kills in ranked Dukematch games (Online).

I’m also morbidly curious if we’re going to
get some of this stuff going on-

But honestly, Duke Nukem
3D is
one of my favorite FPS games of all time, the first game to really allow you to
interact with a ton of objects in the environment… and not take itself too
seriously. Can’t wait for this one.