My ex-roommate went to the Fame high school in New York City – where she was classmates with future star Adrian Grenier. She told me that it was very rare to see kids break into ecstatic song in the hallways, or for those songs to spill out into the streets as it did in the movie. Yet another heartbreaking bit of truth that comes with growing up.

I mention this because Steve at Collider got the lowdown on the remake of Fame from Lakeshore President Gary Lucchesi at a roundtable interview last week. The film will shoot this November, and according to Gary the student body – the leads – will be unknowns, while some of the teachers at the school may be more familiar faces (possibly bringing back a student or two from the original? That would be cool). Lucchesi also said that aside from the title song, the film would feature all new music, which makes sense, since the music from Fame is now about thirty years out of date (holy fucking old).

I’m hoping that this is good – I like the original, and the idea of updating it makes perfect sense. Of course it’s possible that this is going to be more Step Up 2 The Streets than delightful classic, but fingers remain crossed.