There may be no site better at gathering and presenting a wide array of interesting movie clips than Twitch. So I’m not surprised to see the joint hosting three French clips (which are evidently old, Cannes-era stuff, but fuck it; they’re still great) from Charlie Kaufman’s Synecdoche, NY, but I am entirely thrilled. That old Kaufman feel is in evidence right from the start. The vibe is more Being John Malkovich than anything else, playful but gloomy.

The as-yet film will be shown soon at the Toronto Film Festival. Since I haven’t yet found buyers for any of the organs I’m willing to sell to finance the trip, I’ll have to be content with waiting for Sony Classics to get it out to theatres in October. (I’d originally run that the film was still unsold, having missed the Sony sales news while at Comic Con. Sometimes I love being wrong.)

Head to Twich to see all three clips.