Lost movies are always fascinating to me. When they stay lost, like The Day The Clown Cried, they exist in a realm of pure potential, being anything fans want it to be without the banality of reality fucking everything up. For a while there, it seemed like David O. Russell’s follow-up to I Heart Huckabees was one of those movies that was lost and going to stay that way. Rumblings behind the scenes suggested a toxic cocktail of producerial stinginess and O. Russell’s specific brand of self immolation. This was the film that might have ended his career once and for all and for those of us following the story¬†at the time, the radio silence seemed to confirm that the worst might be true. And yet, here it is. Re-titled and credited to another director, Nailed is now Accidental Love and we’ll all have a chance to see it this February 10th on VOD to assess the damage. The interesting thing about this trailer is, despite the romantification of this story—about a woman who is accidentally shot in the head with a nail gun and develops out of control sexual urges—you can see a version of O. Russell that’s been missing in the last few years. This is more obviously the guy who directed Flirting With Disaster, a guy who made screwball comedies where people licked armpits and hit each other in the face to achieve a higher consciousness. I miss that guy. Not that Accidental Love looks like anything other than a stitched together mess, but I’m excited to finally see this one, reality be damned.