This week I called in to the /Filmcast After Dark, the weekly companion to /Film’s /Filmcast*, to talk about my Devin’s Advocate: Wall*E’s Unlikely Love Story. Or more specifically the part of it where I said that there’s a scene that felt, to me, like date rape.

This Advocate has caused quite a ruckus on our board and elsewhere. I’ve received some really nasty emails about it as well, and the backlash has been intriguing. Part of it is that a lot of people just aren’t on board with deconstruction and can’t get past the intentionality of the filmmaker to accept the Death of the Author theory that I’m using. I also think that part of it is that people who identify with Wall*E a lot are probably date rapists as well. Just kidding.**

Anyway, thanks to Dave Chen for getting on my case for weeks to get me on the show, as I had a very good time. Thanks as well tp Peter Sciretta for letting me talk shit on his show, and for taking the picture that is to the right when we were on the tour of ILM a couple weeks back. My sound quality is bad, partially because I talk like a fag and partially because I was on a cell phone in a car… actually, let’s pretend that it’s the cell phone in a car that’s making me sound all high pitched and weaselly.

By the way, someone in the comments for this podcast said I sound like an overenergized coke whore. And then he shits on my chest. I charge extra for that, big fella.

Click here to listen. I’m in the very first segment.


** Am I?