Remember last week when a bunch of people were cast in Inglorious Bastards and David Krumholtz was mentioned as a strong possibility? Not going to happen. (You’ll also remember that THR mentioned that scheduling conflicts might put him out; this is the problem with racing a film into production, even if you’re Quentin Tarantino.)

But there’s one hell of a consolation prize: that ship-jumping sumbitch Mr. Beaks reports at AICN that a much more prominent Freaks and Geeks cast member, Samm Levine, will be a Bastard. I’m not even the F&G aficionado that many of you are, and even I know that this is a great little bit of work on Tarantino’s part. That’s all we’ve got right now, but as Beaks wisely points out, every unit needs the baby face, and Levine fits the bill; can’t wait to see what Tarantino does with him.