Despite the outrageous disappointment of Rob Zombie’s Halloween, quite a few of us are still on the hook for his next flick, Tyrannosaurus Rex. That’s due in part to the savvy Zombie’s approach to unveiling the thing; we’ve still got no real idea what’s going on with the plot or characters…or anything really. It’s just been one artwork tease after another for months. Give him credit, though, because it’s working on some level.

Today’s reveal is actually the most intriguing yet. It’s an instrumental piece of music recorded for the film by former Marilyn Manson guitarist John 5. Posted on Zombie’s MySpace page it shows up as the track ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’. I like the track in part because it is ominous and moody (albeit in a fairly conventional rock ‘moody’ mode) but also because it is deliberately not a piece of southern country-fried rock. So for the moment I’m free to extrapolate from this piece that T.Rex won’t be just another trailer trash nightmare from Zombie.