I give up. With the news that Mike Myers will appear in Inglorious Bastards as British military mastermind General Ed Fenech, I officially have no idea what in the name of God’s blue balls Quentin Tarantino (or Lawrence Bender or Harvey Weinstein) is thinking. It’s a small (very small) role, but still.

Does the movie have to be cast so quickly that Tarantino has just written names on paper scraps, thrown ‘em in the toilet and cast whoever doesn’t sink when pissed on? Some might speculate on a classic agency deal, but do QT and Harvey to have to really negotiate to get anyone to appear in the flick? Who’s next? This is where the joke should go, but I’m having a tough time coming up with someone more riculous than Meyers. Let’s see the Harvey cameo.

Incidentally, this story hit the Quentin Tarantino Archives at least an hour before Variety ran it, which just shows that some of the fan sites are worth paying attention to if you want to be on the tip.