Every year when the festival season really kicks into gear, I always enjoy being distracted by the trickle of films from the previous year that are finally hitting regular cinemas. One of those currently is A Girl Cut in Two, the almost return to form from French thriller master Claude Chabrol. It follows the intertwined and ultimately disastrous romantic entanglements of Gabrielle, a young television weather girl, played by Ludivene Sagnier. On one hand there’s Charles, the older married author who offers cultural and sexual maturity; on the other there’s the slightly psychotic but very rich young Paul. Neither is ideal by a stretch, but the friction between the two leads to terrible events.

Cinematical premiered the poster recently, and now they’ve got a short clip as well. Their clip doesn’t show much but the beginning of one liaison between Gabrielle and Charles. Spout Blog, meanwhile, has another clip that is seemingly innocuous as well. It depicts Charles and Gabrielle’s arrival at an upscale private club. But what Gabrielle doesn’t know is that the joint is essentially a sex club for the patrons, and she’s about to be brought into the unusual social circle in order to feed Charles’s slightly less than normal sexual appetite.

A Girl Cut in Two opens this week in NYC and on demand, but will platform out to what passes for arthouses elsewhere in the country over the coming weeks.