What’s with that Disney Vault anyway? It seems like most of their films have to do some Great Escape-esque Steve McQueen shit to sneak out of there, and when they do, most of them get caught along the way. Possibly in barbed wire.

In any case, A Nightmare Before Christmas is the latest escapee from the vault, and is heading to DVD and Blu-ray to put that previous barebones disc to shame. Besides a brand-new digital restoration that promises to make the movie look better than ever, there’s an absolutely incredible list of features for both discs, not the least of which is Tim Burton’s original poem that inspired the film, which we get narrated by Christopher Lee! Awesome!

Here’s a list of specs for the 2-disc DVD set-

• NEW!  What’s This? Jack’s Haunted Mansion Holiday Tour – Viewers choose the way
they want to tour Disneyland’s Holiday Haunted Mansion.  “On Track” explores a tricked-out
version of the Haunted Mansion, while “Off Track” reveals what went into creating all the
creepy fun.
• NEW!  Tim Burton’s Original poem narrated by Christopher Lee – Tim Burton’s poem
that inspired the creation of the movie. Now, the original verse comes to creepy life as
performed by legendary actor Christopher.Lee.
• NEW!  Film Commentary – commentary by producer and writer Tim Burton, director Henry
Selick and composer Danny Elfman. 
• NEW Introduction To Frankenweenie! – A new un-cut version introduction by Tim Burton.
• The Making of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas – Go behind the scenes of
the very first full-length stop motion animated movie with the filmmakers. 
• The Worlds of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas – Witness the creation of
the film’s richly imagined dreamscapes, including Halloween Town, Christmas Town and the
Real World.
• Deleted Scenes
• Storyboard to Film Comparison
• Original Theatrical Trailers and Posters
• PLUS Tim Burton’s Complete Short Film Vincent

The Blu-ray has all that plus a “special introduction” by Tim Burton, which I’m sure will be just as exciting and delightful as his commentaries. Both dvds will also come with a digital copy as is all the rage these days. If that’s not enough, there will even be a limited edition hitting that comes packaged with a bust of Jack Skellington dressed as Sandy Claws. It contains a sound chip and lines from the movie- perfect if you haven’t picked one up from Hot Topic yet.

In all seriousness, this is a great set for a great film, one that perhaps has been slammed a little bit more than it should have just because of the audience it’s attacted. I saw it in theaters in 3D last year and was really happy to see just how well it holds up, and will definitely be adding this to my collection when it hits on August 26th.

Check the official site for more info if you’ve somehow missed out on the flick, and if you’ve got kids check out this neat little widget that allows you to create your own monster.