You have to give Orlando Bloom credit for actually continuing to try to have an acting career. The guy’s not terribly good at his chosen profession, and like so many serious-minded prettyboys, he’s not interested in just coasting on his looks and trying to get yet another megatrilogy under his belt (his whole career could be a trilogy of trilogies!). Instead he’s going to be doing some heavy emotional lifting alongside Liam Neeson in Fools Rush In.

At least that’s the title of the book they’re adapting, Bill Carter’s memoir of going to Sarjevo while mourning the death of a girlfriend and his experiences there during the 43 month long siege of the city. The title is likely changing because it sucks, and because it’s the title of a bad Matthew Perry movie. Kudos to the producers for getting away from the trend of giving movie generic titles that only have resonance in conjunction with pop songs.

“I read the script, and the very human story and the very core of this
film spoke to me very clearly,”
Bloom told reporters in Sarajevo. “This
is a departure from the very big Hollywood productions.”
But will it be a departure from his usual wooden style?

Javier Bardem is in talks to accept a supporting role and then drop out. The film itself will shoot in Sarajevo, with the full backing of the authorities there.