The rumors about Shia LaBeouf’s car accident that I cared about had nothing to do with drunk driving or whose fault it was – those things would sort themselves out and they’re beyond my purview here. What I cared about was the rumors making the rounds that Shia’s hand injury was extreme – so extreme that he might lose a finger, or use of the hand forever.This would obviously have a major impact on his career, which has just begun taking off in a superstar way, and would also have a major impact on Transformers 2, which has been shooting for weeks and weeks with him.

Film School Rejects has reported (and mainstream outlets have confirmed) that Shia is back on set today, squashing rumors that the film would need to take a month off to deal with his injury. The big question now is how his injury will impact the film on a day to day basis. I’ve heard that a hand injury is being written in for the character, but since movies are not shot in order, will Michael Bay need to shoot around his wrecked hand in scenes that take place before the in-film injury happens?

I’m sure this is all stuff that we’ll hear a whole bunch about as part of the PR campaign for the movie when it’s released next year.