Director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw III, Repo! The Genetic Opera) has apparently put a lot of thought into where the Leprechaun series should go next and how he would handle it.

Despite his inability to take the Saw franchise to the depths of outer space, Bousman and I appear to be on the same page when it comes to coming up with the logical and necessary progressions that are needed in order to keep horror sequels fresh.

“Back to the old west,” Bousman said. “You send him in a time machine and transport him to the old west. There are gold rushes. There are gunfights. It’s awesome! I have the whole thing already worked out!”

While I agree in principle, some of what Bousman says troubles me.

Are you out of your mind? It would be damn near impossible to realistically introduce the concept of time travel into the franchise. Leprechaun doesn’t need a time machine to travel through time. He’s a fucking master of dark magics. He travels by magic flute– end of discussion.

Still, I think Bousman has something here. I imagine the film as a sort of Deadwood meets, well, Leprechaun.

So which is more likely– Darren Lynn Bousman seriously wants to do a Leprechaun sequel because he’s been itching to branch out into the direct-to-video market or Lionsgate wants to do another Leprechaun film?

At least we now know that Darren Lynn Bousman has a great sense of humor. Expect Leprechaun Goes West to start filming sometime after our planet melts.